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This LJ is only in use in a few scattered places right now, buuut if you want to tell me how wonderful and sexy and amazingly awesome I am, feel free to leave me one and your number, too, if you're a hottie ♥


Date: 2009-12-16 01:30 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
[--and, almost as an afterthought--] Hey, is there any way for me to let you know if I see him around?

[psh not fishing for contact info no not at all |D]
From: [identity profile]
[aaaand that's the one thing that can really get her. Stops in what was a movement to go by him, considering. Sure, he's a stranger, but she is Chris Redfield's sister, for the love of can handle herself, so that's not an issue.]

[here, let her give in to your original post after all and give you her email her Twitter her quickly-scribbled cell number on some scrap paper -- along with another smile, again warm but now grateful] I think I'll be around for a while, anyway. I shouldn't be hard to find.

[and then she's starting to take her leave again, the smile returning to more of a smirk] Somehow, I don't think you'd have trouble finding me, anyway.
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[he's a stranger, but he's not a creepy stranger--he's too pretty to be creepy :3]

[takes the number with a smile and we'll say for simplicity's sake that he understands cell phones or smth, but even if he didn't it's the fact that she DID give him the contact info that counts~, holding the paper between his middle and pointer finger and tapping it to his temple in a salute of sorts, perhaps letting it brush his lips as he lowers it]

Glad to hear it. [mirrors her smirk] And yeah, destiny's funny like that sometimes. [slight bow] Until we meet again, Miss Claire.

[watches her go 'cause ohhhh yeah, he likes to watch the ladies go and those shorts are looking gooood on you, hunny ♥ though you could lose the longer ones underneath~ |D, then goes about his business as well, tucking her number into his pocket so he doesn't lose it after entering it into his canonly non-existent cellphone, but what with all the possible crossover interactions, maybe he has one now]


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