tooprettysrsly: (And all I gotta say to you, wannabe gonnabe prankstas--when the fry dies down, what you gonna do?) (Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.)

Don't work for what you can get for free.

Always stick with the winning team. An easy life is the best life...etc, etc.

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Name:~ The Great Zelos Wilder ~
Birthdate:Feb 13
~ ♥ ~

I see through everyone
And maybe that'll be enough to see me through my own obscurity
But you only think you see through me
For the ice is thin
And these shallows are deep


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Interests (88):

acting as comic relief, being a casanova, being a gigolo, being a peeping tom, being a smoooooth operator, being an awesome swordsman, being charming, being sneaky, boobs, chillin' out maxin' relaxin', choosing sides wisely, chosen of mana, colette brunel, cougars, cruxis, dancing through life, flirting, girls, girls in general, girls in swimsuits, girlwatching, groping, haunting lloyd forever, having fun, having the most.tragic.backstory.ever, hitting on girls, honest feelings & friendship, hotels, idk my bff bud, iselia, keeping morale up, laughing things off, lloyd irving, lying &, machiavellian tactics, making out, mathematics, meltokio's noblewomen, messing around, messing with people, my awesomeness, my beautiful face, my bud, my coolness, my hotness, my hunnies, not guys (, not taking life seriously, one night stands, physical displays of affection, picking up chicks, pickup lines, pimpin', playing dumb, playing the narcissist, pleasure, presea combatir, raine sage, renegades, resorts, romancing attractive women, seles wilder, sexytiems, sheena fujibayashi, sheena's hot bod, showing off my cool.moves, siding with the winners, snogging, srsly not a traitor, swordfighting, swords, sylvarant, t & a, taking the easy route, teasing, tethe'alla, the easy life, the finer things, the great zelos harem, thinly-veiled warnings, trust, using my social status, watching sheena shower, well-executed double-crosses, wit & cunning, women, zelos wilder,
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